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FAP a non profitable body established in 1990 has served the farmers besides achieving its vision about sustainable growth of the national economy an its link with rural and agricultural sector. I am sure that this effort of FAP will help in fulfilling FAP's agenda of filling the vacuum at policy making level, generate awareness in farming Community, and create horizontal cooperation with other farmer representative bodies. I hope that fellow farmers will come forward and express their views through this medium so that their problems and views are carried and conveyed to the government. This is indeed a "great initiative" from the platform of Farmer's Associates, Pakistan (FAP), to further the cause of farming community and agriculture sector being the most important sector of our economy having more than 26% share in the GDP of Pakistan.

The publication of the first newsletter of the Farmers Associates Pakistan (FAP) is a commendable initiative and a step in the right direction. This will help our farming fraternity to remain abreast about latest technology and information pertaining to modern agricultural trends and practices. Food and fuel dominated concerns are major issues of the world today. The farmers of Pakistan can play a major role in making our country self sufficient in food thereby helping the country overcome its economic perils. Agriculture is the only sector which can help in effectively countering economic pressures in shortest possible time. Hopefully , the team of FAP newsletter will ensure to include information about latest modern agricultural technology and developments in this field.



  • FAP convinces government to increase support price of wheat to Rs.975/40 kg.

  • FAP Prepare strategy for the Rehabilitation of the effected farmers because of flood.

  • FAP takes up farmers problems with the Government.

  • FAP Publishes its first Newsletter.

  • FAP secretariat moves to new location.

  • FAP initiates Agro tech initiatives.

  • FAP decides to establish an Agri Tech College.

  • FAP to set up special



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